Monday, October 25, 2010

Here or There?

Keyboard friendships,
paper dreams,
Cracked promises,
broken seams.
Plastic smiles,
painted eyes,
Crumbling truth,
expanding lies.
Inked out memories,
frozen years.
Do we even know what we're doing here?
Sucked into our wired world,
a scarless place for boys and girls.
.... Come on, how about....
Spoken friendships,
real-life dreams,
Solid promises,
sewn up seams.
Genuine smiles,
sparkling eyes,
Expanding truth,
crumbling lies.
Cherished memories,
comforting years.
Can someone please tell me what it means to be here?
Let's unplug our wired world,
and heal the scars of boys and girls.
Because, if our faces are divided by a screen,
how can we possibly know what life means?

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