Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Don't Want To Be A Princess

Cinderella was so pretty, the prince thought her looks rare.
The evil queen herself stated Snow White was much too fair.
Even in unconcious states, this girl had breathtaking beauty.
The odd, pretty Belle broke the spell and ceased her lover's brooding.
Her prince charming fell in love with her pretty face.
Her prince only got to know her through her glassy case.
Though she didn't talk, her sleeping beauty made him love her.
The only way to selfish freedom was to find a lover.
Princesses ain't prefect, honey, they all have their flaws.
And these mistakes are rewarded by adoring applause.
'Cause little girls are being taught that beauty is their life.
And the one not quite as pretty suffers day and night.
'Cause her perfect prince will never hold her in his arms.
She thinks, "if only I were pretty," but she would be alarmed
to find that she was much more beautiful than any princess in her books.
And old Prince Charming isn't quite as charming as he looks.
She may not find a handsome prince or a night in dented armor,
but love will always find its way to all the girls like her.
Because beauty isn't everything, there's much more from life to ask.
And beauty can't hide flaws or faults that hide behind your mask.
So boys, now listen closely, 'cause I'm gonna give you a hard time.
The beauty on the inside can make a girl divine.
And once all these girls realize that, there's no more giving in.
To guys that like to sweet talk girls, well, you just can't win.
So girls, what do you say? Let's put an end to this perfection.
'Cause there's no such thing as perfect, let's embrace our imperfections.
I don't want to be a princess, I don't care so much for fakes.
Girls, just know that you're more beautiful with every step you take.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My first full song!!!

Well, the lyrics at least! I'm not so good at writing music. But I've got some friends that might help me out :) Tell me what you think!!

Verse 1: Bit my lip, try not to cry
to all the people I pass by.
'Cause I've seen things they've never seen.
But I've seen things they wouldn't believe.
One sentimental starry night
can't pick the girl back up to fight.
'Cause she's been beat down so many times.
We feel the need to close our eyes.
Chorus: Cause that's just what we do,
we close our eyes, to our lives,
our pain and strife, we close our eyes.
But, what's to do?
We shield our eyes from the light of day.
So how can we expect to find a way...
to live?
V2: It's late november and it's getting cold.
I see a man going absolutely nowhere.
I wonder if he's got a home.
And if he's got one, then where?
He hears a call and stands,
but then sits back down with his head in his hands.
Because whatever he sees is just too much.
He has to shield his eyes from the pain.
Chorus: 'Cause that's just what we do,
we close our eyes, turn from our lives,
our pain and strife, we close our eyes.
But, what's to do?
We shield our eyes from the light of day.
So how can we expect to find a way...
Bridge: To praise the name of the one who put us here.
To love him is to make all the pain disappear.
To live our lives we have to draw him near.
No closed eyes, no showing signs of fear...
C2: And that's just what he'll do,
open our eyes to our lives,
heal pain and strife, open our eyes.
Just what he'll do,
we open our eyes to the light of day...
C3: Then, what we'll do,
we open our eyes, to live our lives
all for him.
'Cause if we close our eyes to the light of day,
how can we expect to find our way...
to life?